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Complex Machined Parts

The term “complex machined parts” can sound both daunting and expensive to anyone seeking to outfit, maintain, or upgrade their existing machinery. A mass-produced, quick-fix option can seem like less of a risk at the outset, but in reality, a lower-quality part can jeopardize the entire piece of machinery. With parts machining, you get what you pay for, but some “solutions” can end up being more costly than you bargained for.

Complex Machined Parts are Parts Done Right

For machinery that truly requires more intricate and durable rollers or other components, choosing a cheaper part can result in not only inferior functionality, but also potential damage to the equipment as a whole. Generally, the price of one part is significantly less than the cost of a major equipment repair, which is why paying more for quality can spare tight budgets in the long run. Here’s what you can expect from high quality complex machined parts:

  • Precision
  • Quality control
  • Engineering

Our engineers, who have a background in machining, will be able to recommend the best methods and machining processes for your particular part, saving you the cost of contracting with an engineer on top of a parts manufacturer. At Allis Roller, our team has decades of engineering expertise, enabling us to handle the parts production process from start to finish. We’ll even collaborate alongside OEM engineers during the design phase for optimal manufacturing. In-house engineering ability can reduce the likelihood of error or miscommunication between engineers and machinists, resulting in a more cohesive solution.

Lower priced machined parts are less costly simply because you generally have less of an assurance of precision, quality control, and longevity. Not every application requires a highly custom solution, but for those that do, complex machined parts done right can make all the difference. Now what kinds of complex machined parts can you expect to find?

Examples of Complex Machined Parts

Machine shops and complex parts manufacturers can produce just about any machine part from custom shafts and hubs to specialty rollers. At Allis Roller, our capacity is fairly broad, but here are some examples of the kinds of complex machined parts we have successfully produced in the past:

Choppers  (complex welded precision roller with cutting blades for use in agricultural combines)

Allis Roller takes the typical chopper design and makes the following enhancements in order to suit the needs of a particular customer:

  • Suggest best fit-up and welding process of friction welded shafts into tubes
  • Increase holes to slots to allow better weld penetration and ensure quality
  • Analyze Key Characteristics of the part to determine the cost/benefit of each modification; possibly relax or eliminate tight tolerances

Rubber Rollers  (used to drive belts in agricultural equipment, such as combines)

Our team produces several different kinds of rollers, which you might have figured out from our company name. Some of the rollers we produce are complex parts customized to the needs of our customers. Here are some of the ways we modify rubber roller designs for best fit, functionality, and durability:

  • Suggest better processes that increase durability and improve cost, i.e. press fit versus slip fit weld joints to decrease variability
  • Suggest better cutting tool for post vulcanizing machining to increase throughput at CNC Lathe
  • Introduce multiple hot-knife cutting stations in strip-build operation

Wheel Flange (wheel mount in large axle for agricultural use in tractors and combines)

The Wheel Flange is another type of complex machined part Allis Roller regularly produces. Here are some of the enhancements or additions we have suggested in order to produce the best possible results:

  • Analyze cleanliness specification that is necessary for application
  • Optimize heat treat and grinding operation
  • Perfect the manufacturability and optimize technique for checking quality of the self-locking threads

As you can see, a skilled machinist and parts engineer can make several different kinds of custom modifications to seemingly simple parts. Those enhancements and attention to detail can make all the difference when the application requires a complex machined parts design. For more information on complex machined parts, and the kinds of additional processes Allis Roller is capable of, connect with one of our machining experts via the Contact page.

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