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Hypac is a quick disconnect unit bridging between a driven wheel, sprocket or pulley, and its motor output shaft used in hydraulic machinery.

How Hypac Works

With a simple pull and twist of the lockout handle, the wheel is disconnected from the output shaft. Our unit comes with or without a lever actuated emergency/parking drum brake. Typical applications use hydraulic motors with “SAE A" and “Wheel Mount" mounting styles and a 1.25" dia. x 14 tooth spline. We have many variations of 5 and 6 stud wheel hub and bolt circle patterns already designed. In addition to our standard options, Allis Roller is capable of designing a custom unit to your specifications.


Hypac quick disconnect units are ideal solutions for heavy industrial applications, such as the following:

  • Landscaping
  • Harvesting
  • Industrial
  • Construction

Watch the video below of the Hypac Engaging and Disengaging

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