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Complex Shaft Design with Allis Roller

Allis Roller perfects the simple art of shaft production by creating high quality, precision products for high-pressure, harsh temperature, and otherwise tough applications. We have built a solid reputation as complex shaft machining experts, working with materials ranging from steel to aluminum.

Our Shaft Production Arsenal

With our 17 CNC lathes, Allis Roller designs and manufactures shafts from 1 inch to 12.2 inches in diameter, and in lengths up to 115 inches. We can even produce diameters up to 24” for shafts to 85” long. Our 5 Vertical Machining Centers allow for live tooling and end bolt patterns, and our 3 in-house grinders generate superior results with tight tolerance bearing diameters.

For more information on our industry-leading shafts and shaft manufacturing systems, connect with one of our team members through the Contact page.

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