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For decades, Allis Roller has proved our excellence in steel and rubber roller manufacturing. From start to finish, components are machined, welded, assembled and dynamically balanced, in our facility and processed through our own quality control systems.


Allis-Roller’s vast knowledge in the manufacturing of a variety of complex and precision roller designs include fixed-blade and flail choppers, chain feeder drives, idlers for balers, and rubber covered and steel rollers. Our supporting in-house capabilities of machining, grinding, broaching/hobbing and balancing allow for the optimal control of the entire roller fabrication process.

We provide the following roller manufacturing services at an unmatched level of quality:

  • Fixed Blade Choppers
  • Flail Choppers
  • Vulcanized
  • Reinforced Rubber
  • Conveyor
  • Idler
  • Stone Retarder
  • Cultivator

For more information on our industry-leading rollers and roller manufacturing systems, connect with one of our team members through the Contact page.

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