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Before the pandemic hit, the manufacturing industry was working to regain the momentum it had reached after the recession in 2008. 2020 has certainly been unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. Not only have our homelives been impacted but the business world as well. Here at Allis-Roller, we consider ourselves fortunate and despite the pandemic we have had a successful year. 

One of the main reasons for our success during this difficult time, is our partnerships with successful companies. An example is the aluminum canning industry. A side effect of people staying at home has been an increase in consumption of products in aluminum cans. Some of that may have something to do with an increase in alcohol consumption, but the entire industry saw a massive increase in demand. 

CMI President Robert Budway says the aluminum can’s share of the beer and hard seltzer market grew from 60 to 67 percent during the first quarter of the year. The aluminum can’s share of the overall market grew by 8 percent through March of this year, he says, though the pandemic further accelerated that growth in the second quarter.

A number of newer beverages, such as hard seltzers and flavored sparkling waters, have favored the aluminum can, Budway says, while some beverages that originally embraced glass bottles, such as wine and kombucha, have begun to use aluminum cans, adds Sherrie Rosenblatt, also of the CMI.” (recyclingtoday)

“So, why the increase? As more people drink at home, they are stocking up on cans in grocery stores and tasting rooms instead of going out to bars and restaurants. Curbside and grocery sales of canned beer, hard cider and even wine have grown faster than planned. The same trend can be seen with sodas. An industry report indicates can sales were up 30% in March and April.” (pennlive.com)

It was not just the aluminum canning industry that has helped Allis-Roller in 2020. We also launched our new horizontal machining center: the MAZAK Nexus 6800. This new machine allows us to provide precision and reliability for high-volume, heavy part operations. We are now able to machine large complex parts, which offers additional revenue streams. 

As we look back at our success in 2020, we are encouraged and look forward to a prosperous 2021. 

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