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The Customer

Allis Roller was asked by a national playground manufacturer to develop rollers for their proprietary Roller Slide design. This customer chose Allis Roller because of their location in Wisconsin and willingness to collaborate with their own engineers in creating rollers for an outdoor playground application. Though roller slides are not new to the playground equipment market, they are rising in popularity due to an increased demand for diverse, more accessible playground equipment. Roller slides are particularly accommodating for children with cochlear implants because of their static-free nature, and also provide a unique, tactile sliding experience for children.

Application Evaluation

This customer also offers the longest and strongest warranty in the industry, making product longevity an essential feature of the finished rollers. In order to remain consistent with their industry-leading standards, the company required exceptionally durable, high quality rollers capable of withstanding outdoor exposure for their Roller Slide design.

The playground manufacturer also goes to great lengths to provide corrosion protection for all playground equipment, which includes pre-treatment and a multi-step powder coating process that they complete in-house. In order to allow for this complex coating process, additional transport back and forth between Allis Roller and the customer midway through the manufacturing process was required. Allis Roller’s machining and assembly process needed to accommodate these additional steps while still allowing the customer to fulfill orders efficiently.

Solution Description

The machining and seal assembly processes that Allis Roller incorporated into the manufacturing of the rollers prevents dirt and debris from entering the roller and degrading it over time. Given that Allis Roller already had previous experience in machining these types of complex rollers for industrial applications, their team was able to effectively adapt the process to accommodate the customer’s Roller Slide. This feature helps maintain the longevity and functionality of the Roller Slide even as it is exposed to dust, dirt, and the elements, making it an ideal solution for outdoor playground equipment applications.

Allis Roller was also responsible for assembly, and utilized precise equipment for the pressing of bearings into the completed rollers, which is a difficult process requiring a significant level of expertise. Highly skilled machinists at Allis Roller were able to achieve the right press fit without pressing too tight, or too lightly, and still allowing the bearings to turn. The result produced high quality rollers that met the customer’s industry-leading standards in playground equipment quality.

The need for the playground manufacturer’s specialty coating process presented logistical problems that extended lead-time estimates beyond what customers typically expect. In order to allow for this coating process, without necessitating excessive transport back and forth, Allis Roller worked with the customer to create a unique logistical solution. The rollers were machined and pre-coated with a dichromate corrosion protectant by Allis Roller, and then shipped to the customer for storage. Once an order was placed, the playground manufacturer could powder coat the rollers immediately and send them to Allis Roller to be assembled. After assembly was completed by Allis Roller, finished components were transported back to the customer for final packaging and shipment to the end user.

With each of these steps, Allis Roller helped produce the high quality, durable rollers the customer required without having to extend lead-times or cut corners.

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About Allis Roller

Allis Roller is a manufacturer and welder of custom, complex machine parts and rollers of all kinds to the agricultural, construction, and industrial industries. Our engineering expertise enables our team to create precision machine parts for especially unique applications at the highest level of quality, and at globally competitive rates.

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