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In a strategic move towards technological excellence, Allis-Roller, a distinguished manufacturer of welded steel rollers, has recently incorporated a sophisticated large robotic welder into their shop floor. This cutting-edge system, featuring three robotic arms, signifies a substantial advancement in precision, efficiency, and design versatility. 

The three-armed robotic welder introduces a paradigm shift by incorporating dedicated arms for parts handling and welding. Simultaneous welding on opposite sides of brackets stands out as a key feature, enhancing overall quality while significantly reducing cycle times. This simultaneous welding capability ensures consistent weld quality, contributing to the production of durable and reliable steel rollers. 

The system’s design versatility is augmented by a two-station Ferris wheel, each station equipped with a positioner for rotating parts during the welding cycle. This innovative feature allows for the welding of tube “cores” with varying bracket designs on the outside diameter, offering an infinite array of linear and angular combinations to meet diverse customer requirements. 

Automation takes center stage with two loader trays efficiently feeding materials to the part-handler robot, streamlining the production process. The robot’s impressive capacity enables it to handle weldments up to 1,100 lbs., 170” in length, and with a maximum diameter of 14”, showcasing its adaptability to a broad range of welding tasks. 

In embracing this 3-armed robotic welder, Allis-Roller not only elevates its manufacturing efficiency but also sets a new standard for precision and design flexibility in the production of welded steel rollers. 

Experience the future of steel roller manufacturing with Allis-Roller’s advanced robotic welding technology. Contact us today to explore how our innovative solutions can enhance your projects and elevate your outcomes. 

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