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In the new year, manufacturers are reopening, and getting back to work. While still not completely back to normal, those that have survived are now looking to thrive.  Keeping up with demand, supply chain management and finding the right people are very challenging right now for manufacturing companies. There are several key trends these companies are following to find success

Centralization of Communications

Over the last year, many companies were forced to move their back office operations off-site. Workforces went in several different directions. Many employees started to work from home in a capacity in which they never had to before. More and more companies are making some of these changes permanent.

In order to implement these changes, companies are having to find new ways to connect with people, especially during more time sensitive situations that often arise with manufacturing. New tools are being developed either internally, or are being outsourced to keep up with these new workplace communication needs. 

Predictive Maintenance Is More Important Than Ever

Equipment failures are one of the biggest issues factories deal with, both with frustration of the repair process, and lost revenue. 

As machines become more intelligent, there are more and more opportunities to prevent failures from happening. This can add time to the machines’ life-cycle and prevent downtime. 

With its real-time alert and response capabilities, predictive maintenance will continue to transform operations, and be a priority for the manufacturing industry in 2021.

Bigger Supply Chain Network

As discussed in our blog about Supply Chain Bottlenecks, many manufacturing companies are dealing with consumer demand as best as they can, but across the industry we are still seeing struggles with supply chain management. Manufacturers have to solve this issue now, and to avoid similar crisis scenarios in the future.

They are doing this in several ways:

● Expand supplier list, moving from single sourcing to multisourcing

● Digitally monitor supply chains with AI that can alert companies of potential disruptions

● Find suppliers closer to home or reshoring supply chains

Having access to emerging technology and digital networks will strengthen supply chains now and in the future. Supply chain management is one of the key factors that will be the difference between many companies surviving in 2021, and thriving in the future. 

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