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Manufacturing complex machined parts is not for the faint of heart. To be done right, these uniquely designed components require serious engineering acumen, advanced machining skills, specialty services, and top-of-the-line CNC equipment. 

Complex Machined Parts Must Perform Under Unique Circumstances

Complex parts are ‘complex’ because their design characteristics enable them to hold up under high pressure, intense heat, or extreme environments. For example, heavy duty concrete trucks used in construction are built with a kind of complex roller in order to function properly. When these special rollers are replaced with simpler, cheaper designs, the extreme environmental pressures cause concrete to seep into the inferior rollers. Once the roller is damaged, concrete then bleeds into the rest of the vehicle, completely disabling it beyond repair. 

In circumstances like these, the additional work that goes into complex machined parts more than pays for itself. The processes used to make them extra durable, resistant to high heat, low temps, and immense pressure require a high level of skill, experience, and sometimes multiple vendors to complete. Precision welding, high tolerance machining, and additional specialty treatments can all make or break a complex machined part’s performance and the customer’s investment. 

Complex Machined Parts at Allis Roller

Over the years, Allis Roller has built a reputation for providing complex machined parts that stand up to unique stressors beyond what competing parts can sustain. Much of that success has resulted from our ability to engineer a part in collaboration with the customer

It takes a high level of industry experience to spot design flaws and augment a complex machined part schematic to serve heav­y duty or extreme applications. Allis Roller’s unique expertise allows our engineers to be as creative as possible in solving unique problems for the customer. 

However, a high quality complex machined part isn’t worth much to the customer if it can’t also be produced on time and on budget. At Allis Roller, we use lean manufacturing strategies to design entire workcells around a machined part in order to expedite production and keep costs down. Using trusted local partnerships, Allis Roller is also able to offer additional services and treatments, which streamlines quoting and turnaround for the customer. 

At the end of the day, complex machined parts need to be handled with care and precision by the manufacturer. Allis Roller specializes in producing such parts, and the proof is in our machining capabilities.

For more information on what goes into a complex machined part, contact one of our team members here.

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