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Part of what makes a manufacturing operation lean is reducing waste and preventing errors at every stage of production. How a machine shop delivers a complex machined part quote is just one component of that comprehensive effort. At Allis Roller, we follow a methodical RFQ structure that saves time and prevents mistakes, because the faster and more accurately we quote, the more satisfied our customers will be.

How Accurate Parts Quotes Are Made

Allis Roller’s machined parts quoting process is highly structured to ensure accuracy and consistency. Using that system, our team does whatever we can to work within the customer’s expectations while still giving them exactly what they need. Here’s how Allis Roller gets the job done:

  1. Start with the drawing. After receiving parts drawings and specs from the customer, our quoting expert sends out a confirmation message and enters in all of the part’s information into a digital file. This information includes a part number, requested materials, tolerances, and measurements.
  2. Follow the system. Our templates calculate the price per part, including various processes and treatments available. Given the wide spectrum of capabilities available both at Allis Roller and through our trusted vendor network, our quoting experts can quote for all kinds of complex parts.
  3. Incorporate material costs. Allis Roller keeps track of material cost fluctuations so that we can stay lean and give customers the best pricing available. No matter what’s happening in the global materials marketplace, our quoting experts do everything they can to keep costs down for the customer.
  4. Deliver the RFQ. Once Allis Roller delivers a parts quote to the customer, we strive to stay within the guidelines of our original quote. However, should the customer ever want changes to their original quote, Allis Roller is flexible. Our quoting expert can reassess the original quote and make changes upon request.

How Cost Effective Parts Quotes Are Delivered

Your parts are critical to you, and your time is valuable. A typical parts quote at Allis Roller takes only three days to deliver. By leveraging our longstanding relationships with reliable vendors, Allis Roller is also able to rapidly quote for more comprehensive machining and fabricating services. This prevents customers from having to work with multiple vendors on their own, and streamlines the manufacturing process.

Another way that Allis Roller controls costs is by investing in equipment that automates and streamlines lean manufacturing processes, such as Submerged Arc Welding and straightening. We organize our shop floor into efficient workcells, where precision robotic welding and CNC machining technology produces complex components with as little waste as possible. As a result, producing high quality, high tolerance parts in-house costs Allis Roller fewer resources.

Allis Roller’s overall lean manufacturing business model also helps us create well-priced machined parts quotes. Using strategic outsourcing, we can generate additional costs savings for the customer by partnering with rigorously vetted vendors. This lean business model demonstrates that the more efficient Allis Roller becomes, the better our prices, quality, and turnaround time.

Bottom line: fast, accurate machined parts quoting is a core component of what helps Allis Roller stay lean. When we can produce the most accurate results in record time, our customers stay leaner and more competitive too. For more information on our RFQ process, connect with a manufacturing expert via our Contact page.

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